Sunday, July 27, 2008


WOW my first blog entry in a few years. in general, not just here.

I've been through quite a lot in the last 4 months, I moved away from ottawa for a job as a layout artist in sudbury. The job is awesome. i return to ottawa alot to visit my boy toy, i think the trip might become more difficult in the WINTER winter months, the snow has already begun to tease me here in sudbury. I have a sweeet apartment, its huuuuge. and my job is so great! drawing backgrounds!! so much fun. a little stressfull when the storyboards are done terribly. but i seem to catch whatever issues i encounter.

Sudbury has been another issue. the ppl are a bit nutso here. my morning and afternoon walk to work consists of passing hookers and bums alot of the time. i haven't had any issues in my 4 months here. another couple to go.

*nerd alert* Currently i'm working on my halloween costume. since i thought of it late i couldn't order a pristine version of it, so i made it!! er am making it! I just finished the mask tonight. kinda, gotta go buy a piece of a pipe for the mouth of it. its a CYLON costume, the original 1978 battlestar galactica cylon, its the only model that would look better on a person, having been worn by a person in the original series rather than the later cg cylons. alot of work to do before friday! i can't work on it friday cuz im driving back to ottawa in the afternoon.

i'll be posting some art soon! i'm still getting adjusted to my new IMAC! and i wasn't planning on doing this tonight so i left my drive at work :( so tomorrow perhaps!

peace homie G's and G-ette's


Saturday, July 19, 2008