Thursday, February 4, 2010

Paintings galooore

Just a few Paintings I did for Christmas since i was brooooooooke as a joke this year. red lobster doesn't really give you much to go on..

Finished machina ciiity!! I gave this one to my brother. which was hard cuz it was my fav. but also why i gave it to him.

Gave this one to my dad. I felt it would match his decors

this one i gave to muuuummmmy! First self portrait since grade 12!! and in paint this time. lots of fun

Painted these for my bf's niece and nephew. it was their first christmas.


  1. these paintings make me tingle sarah! especially the cool robot one! :)
    but who's that chick in the portrait? :P

  2. shut up!!! its meeee :) i like the robot one too